Quality Management

Through continuous reform and challenges,
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Best Quality

DONGAH has established a quality system to certify its reputation as the best quality in the construction site through continuous improvement and management of high tension bolts for joining large structures such as steel structural bridges, nuclear power, and buildings. In addition, it has been certified by the world-renowned heavy machinery maker Komatsu Corporation to produce and deliver track bolts, nuts and high tension bolts, and nuts to the Middle East and the Americas as "DONGAH" brands.

DONGAH Co., Ltd. has built a quality system for steel structures, bridges, nuclear energy, buildings, etc. The high-strength bolts for large structures at construction sites are continuously improved and managed for over 60 years. Our reputation is recognized for the highest quality. In addition, from Komatsu, a global heavy equipment brand, The quality system of the heat treatment facility has been certified and has been exported track bolt and nut to many countries globally.

Quality management

  • Realization of customer impressions

    Practice independent quality activities, set and achieve quality goals, and prevent recurrence of quality defects.

  • Optimum quality system

    Establish a prior management system and continuously prevent the recurrence of quality defects.

  • The best products and services

    Securing the highest quality, highest level of competitiveness and technology through compliance with basics and principles