The history of DONGAH made with a strong craftsmanship and infinite challenges.

2000s ~ Present

  • 2020s 2023.04 Certified by Europe EUROPE LRQA Verification B.V.[Certified item : ISO EN 14399-3/4/10 & 15048-1/2]
  • 2021.05 Selection of "Global Small Businesses" designated by the Small and Medium Business Venture Business Administration
  • 2010s 2019.12 2019 World's Best Products Certified by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy
  • 2018.07 [Company specializing in materials and parts] Certified
  • 2018.05 Certified by the Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport [Certified item: Structural T/S bolt set (S10T)]
  • 2017.09 Acquired INNO-BIZ certification for technological innovation
  • 2016.12 ABS advanced heat treatment process approval
  • 2016.10 Approval of DNVGL advanced heat treatment process
  • 2016.09 17th Small and Medium Business Technology Innovation Exhibition Single PPM Quality Innovation [Presidential Commendation] Award
  • 2015.07 Absorption and merger of intrinsic heat treatment Co., Ltd.
  • 2014.08 Change of company name of DONGAH Co., Ltd. [Expand material heat treatment business field]
  • 2014.07 Acquisition of CE certification
  • 2012.12 49th Trade Day Awarded $5 Million Export Tower
  • 2010.10 DONGAH Bolt Co., Ltd. changed its name.
  • 2000s 2008.09 Acquired KEPIC (Power Industry Technology Standards) MN/SN certification
  • 2005.07 Acquisition of ISO 14001 certification
  • 2003.04 JIS B1186 (friction joint high tension bolt set) certified

1900s ~ 1990s

  • 1990s 1997.06 Patent for torque-sharing bolt defect detection equipment
  • Acquisition of ISO 9001 certification
  • 1996.06 Patent for manufacturing high tension nuts using non-hard steel for hot forging
  • 1995.10 Obtained heat treatment quality certification from Komatsu Corporation in Japan.
  • 1994.06 Friction joint high tension set K mark obtained (KSB1010)
  • 1994.04 Designation of an autonomous fixed inspection agency by the Industrial Development Administration
  • 1994.02 Ungrounded bolt patent
  • 1991.12 Transferred to Changwon Volt Factory
  • 1970s 1978.08 Transferred to Bupyeong plant in Incheon.
  • 1960s 1961.06 Seoul Yeongdeungpo Plant Establishment (Bolts, Nuts)