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LG Uplus has built an energy storage system in Dongah

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LG Uplus (sub-chairman Kwon Young-soo) has built an ESS (Energy Storage System) facility with a capacity of 5.3MWh in Dongah.
ESS facilities provided by LG Uplus are energy cost-effective solutions that can reduce electricity bills and improve productivity for power-hungry businesses by using electricity charged late at night and charged at high-priced hours.
This ESS facility monitors lithium-ion batteries, Battery Management System (BMS) that monitors battery condition, and PCS (Power Conditioning System) that converts electrical characteristics to charge/discharge batteries, and ESS facilities.
ESS facilities are important for compatibility between these equipment, and LG Uplus' facilities are designed to enhance compatibility of key equipment using products from the industry-renowned LG affiliates.
LG Uplus also analyzes the customer's power consumption patterns before deploying the ESS facility, consulting on the optimal timing of charging/discharging and electricity use plans. The customer's power consumption patterns are analyzed using 15 minute intervals of electricity usage and statistical information based on the 'KEPCO i-Smart Information System'.
"I hope that the case of Dong-A introducing LG Uplus' ESS this time will be a good role model for the Changwon National Industrial Complex," said Park Chun-young, CEO of DongAh

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